What is ScotCHEM?

ScotCHEM is a strategic collaboration of Scotland’s university chemistry departments. We pool and enhance resources for chemistry research and research training in Scotland. We bring together seven universities and other major players in the chemical sciences. ScotCHEM generates enhanced critical mass, spurs collaboration, and enables wider access to major facilities.


  • We drive excellence and provide the highest quality postgraduate education and researcher experience.
  • We work with industry and across disciplines to provide thought leadership and economic advantage.


The ScotCHEM umbrella structure encompasses two integrated university pairings. The pairings acknowledge the institutions’ complementary research, as well as their proximity. Glasgow and Strathclyde together form WestCHEM, and EaStCHEM, brings together Edinburgh and St Andrews. These pairings are more deeply integrated than ScotCHEM as a whole. Unlike ScotCHEM, they make joint submissions to the Government’s Research Excellence Framework. Aberdeen, Dundee, and Heriot-Watt are the other full members.

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Each member has a seat on our Executive Board.

What we do

ScotCHEM enables:

  • The creation of critical mass in key research areas.
  • Shared access to information and resources.
  • The maintenance of a broad and diverse intellectual capacity, ensuring long-term flexibility and responsiveness.
  • Cooperation, not competition; generating a collaborative and intellectually active culture capable of competing globally.
  • The coordination and enhancement of facilities and technical support infrastructure in Scotland.
  • The coordination of the planning and promotion of research activities.
  • The interaction of researchers with shared interests.
  • The coordination of access to scarce major resources for the benefit of the Chemical Sciences in Scotland.

Our Funders

We are grateful to our members and the Scottish Funding Council for financial support.