ScotCHEM has a considerable economic impact. Besides the direct benefits from our world-class fundamental research, we also contribute by working with industry. We work with diverse organisations ranging from small local businesses to large international concerns. We regularly work with the chemical, pharma and life sciences sectors. Our collaborators also come from more unexpected fields including, aerospace, transport, and manufacturing. A number of examples are on our case studies page. The problems tackled and methods of engagement are equally diverse.


  • Provides a high-level collective voice for the sector
  • Brings the sector together through the Industry Leadership Group
  • Showcases industry as the solution to many of our grand challenges
  • Advocates and seeks to influence government on critical issues relating to the industry
  • Identifies and supports the development of the infrastructure needed to deliver on major industry challenges such as the decarbonisation of products and processes
  • Advises on issues related to cohesion and clarity in regulatory and compliance environments
  • Articulates what skills will be required for new jobs in the sector and work with our schools, colleges and universities to ensure graduates are well-positioned to meet industry needs
  • Connects industry with the collective academic expertise of Scotland’s university chemistry departments, already represented by ScotCHEM ACADEMIA
  • Identifies research focus areas related to industry challenges, where our universities can partner with industry to address them
  • Drives innovation by brokering partnerships with specific research expertise to address industry-identified challenges
  • Applies for industry-university partnership funding (related to priorities identified by industry)
  • Builds trust with communities through targeted engagement programmes
  • Connects into and across other national initiatives to eliminate duplication, ensure economies of scale and maximise return on investment
  • Helps families and communities to embrace opportunities presented by the chemical industries through the National Skills Academy, graduate apprentice programmes, and industry-focused skills delivery
  • Engage with the 3rd sector to reach disadvantaged and excluded communities and young people, bringing prosperity to all citizens through the chemical sciences


Download the ScotCHEM INDUSTRIES – Guide to Membership Oct 2022


  • Membership will be open to chemicals industry companies, chemicals-related companies (for example, companies which are significant users of chemicals), or chemicals-related service providers.
  • It will be a paid membership organisation (with tiered contributions)
  • There will be affiliate membership for government and 3rd sector organisations
  • Within ScotCHEM INDUSTRIES, an Industry Leadership Group (ILG) will
  • operate as an advisory board. Platinum members will have guaranteed representation on the ILG.

Membership Fee Structure

Membership fees will be tiered, based on company/organisation size.

To develop ScotCHEM INDUSTRIES, we invite key partners to become Founding Members (from January 2023 to December 2024). Founding members will be instrumental in shaping the forward strategic plans and activities of ScotCHEM INDUSTRIES.

Student and Staff Industrial Placements

ScotCHEM members operate many different placement programs for staff and students. These include undergraduate summer placements and internships. Yet, the main method for collaboration is through industry doctorates. These involve graduate students working on an industrially defined project. The students often also work at industry sites. These are cost-effective ways for businesses to access university expertise and facilities. They also offer real-world experience to young scientists.

Innovate-UK’s, Knowledge transfer partnerships (KTP) also offer an excellent platform for Industry-Academia collaborations.

Collaborative Grants

ScotCHEM’s members are continually engaged in collaborative research programs with industry. These can range from small two-party collaborations to large multi-partner multinational programs. Programs range in value from a few thousand to several million pounds. If your interests align well with one or our research themes this may be an excellent way for us to work together. These programs are typically funded by:

Contract Research

We also engage in straightforward contract research. We would be happy to discuss your needs.

Access to Facilities

ScotCHEM has powerful capabilities in synthesis, manufacture, and characterisation. We are keen where possible to make our facilities and expertise available commercially. You can look for specific facilities by searching our equipment database. Excellent guidance is also available from the Interface specialist facilities pages.

Intellectual Property

Valuable intellectual property regularly emerges from our research. Information on current opportunities is available from University Technology or from our member universities.


The best way to take advantage of these opportunities is to make us aware of your interests. If you are interested in working with us please contact us via our enquiries page.