Adding to ULab

This page is for ScotCHEM researchers, who wish to add their equipment to the database.


ScotCHEM is building a database of its equipment. Our aim is to showcase our capabilities and help build new collaborations. ScotCHEM will use the database to:

  • coordinate internal planning and collaboration
  • build external relationships with academia, industry and government.


ULab is a web-based laboratory and equipment management system. It enables facilities to catalogue their key laboratory equipment. ULab operates from the University of Strathclyde, in Glasgow.

Using ULab

ULab is reasonably intuitive to use. You can create an account at the ULab website. If you have a large amount of equipment to upload, or have any other problems, please contact us. Please see the instructional videos above.

ULab for ScotCHEM

ScotCHEM has made a 3-year commitment to work with ULab. Equipment owners directly control their listings. Owners control who sees each entry; the public, institutional colleagues, or named individuals. ScotCHEM is primarily interested in compiling as complete an inventory as possible. However, ULab offers other features, which may be useful to researchers. These include a booking, document management and incident reporting systems. The proactive nature of the database means that its information remains up-to-date. ULab also interfaces with PURE and the EPSRC’s site. Adding your equipment to the database implies no commitment to provide any service. The owners keep full control over the terms of access.

What to include

A simple equipment listing fulfils ScotCHEM’s core goals. However, you may wish to consider which information best promotes your facility:

  • A photo
  • A description
  • The basis for using your equipment e.g. service, consultancy or collaboration.
  • Prices
  • Funders
  • Lead times