ScotCHEM ECR seminar series

If you are a PhD student, a post-doctoral researcher or an early career independent researcher we invite you to our ECR seminar series. This national seminar series is the perfect opportunity for early career researchers (in the broadest sense) to present their research to a wide audience.

The series runs every 3rd Tuesday of the month. During each 1 hour event you will have the opportunity to hear a 15-minute research talk from talented researchers across the ScotCHEM network. The plenary talks (35min) will focus either on:

  • Career advice delivered by people who have used their Chemistry postgraduate degree to get to where they are now. Giving a more personal outlook on the very wide range of careers that highly skilled Chemistry PhDs can move on to (academic research, chemical industry, publishing, teaching, marketing etc.


  • A longer research talk selected through abstract submission or by invitation from the organising committee. These will span the very extensive areas of interest that our Network represents to provide not only insights into your own field but also access to talks that can enrich your research ideas by tapping into all areas of chemical science.


Upcoming events:

  • 16/11/21 Dr Amit Kumar (University of St Andrews) – (De)hydrogenative catalysis for the synthesis and degradation of plastics

Past events:

Call for abstracts:

If you are interested in presenting your research at the national level we invite you to submit an abstract. These will be assessed by our organising committee and you will be notified of the outcome promptly. We welcome submissions for 15 min or 35 min research talks.

Disclaimer: Please note that the ECR conference series is a widely attended and widely advertised online meeting. Therefore, presentation of unpublished results is at your own discretion.


  • Abstracts should not be more than a single page of A4
  • Talks should be timed for 15 or 35 minute delivery
  • Abstract submitted with work by multiple authors (PIs, collaborators etc.) should be submitted with the approval of all named authors

Download the Abstract Template.

All abstracts will be assessed in the spirit of equality and diversity to give fair representation to all.

Please send all submissions to

The Organising Committee: Alan Wiles (ScotCHEM), Mary Jones (Heriot-Watt), Bengt Tegner (Heriot-Watt), Andres Garcia Dominguez (Edinburgh Uni), Magdalene Chong (Strathclyde), Martin Ward (Strathclyde) and Hessam Mehr (Glasgow).