What is ScotCHEM?

ScotCHEM is the strategic alliance for the chemical sciences in Scotland. We connect industry, academic expertise, government, the 3rd sector and the public. We aim to enhance Scotland’s research impact and translation, driving innovation. We promote and support Scotland’s chemistry-related industries and researchers, brokering strategic partnerships to address critical challenges. Skills delivery is core to our mission, and we engage with communities to ensure every citizen benefits from chemistry.


  • Inclusivity, equity, diversity, fairness
  • Transparency
  • We drive excellence and provide the highest quality experience for our members.
  • We work with industry, communities and across disciplines to provide thought leadership, knowledge exchange and economic advantage.


The ScotCHEM structure encompasses three key areas: ScotCHEM ACADEMIA, ScotCHEM INDUSTRIES and ScotCHEM COMMUNITIES.

We connect these sectors, to deliver knowledge exchange, build partnerships and manage programmes.


What we do


  • Provides a high-level collective voice for the sector.
  • Brings the sector together through the Industry Leadership Group.
  • Showcases industry as the solution to many of our grand challenges.
  • Advocates and seeks to influence government on critical issues relating to the industry.
  • Identifies and supports the development of the infrastructure needed to deliver on major industry challenges such as the decarbonisation of products and processes.
  • Advises on issues related to cohesion and clarity in regulatory and compliance environments.
  • Articulates what skills will be required for new jobs in the sector and work with our schools, colleges and universities to ensure graduates are well-positioned to meet industry needs.
  • Connects industry with the collective academic expertise of Scotland’s university chemistry departments, already represented by ScotCHEM ACADEMIA.
  • Identifies research focus areas related to industry challenges, where our universities can partner with industry to address them.
  • Drives innovation by brokering partnerships with specific research expertise to address industry-identified challenges.
  • Applies for industry-university partnership funding (related to priorities identified by industry).
  • Builds trust with communities through targeted engagement programmes.
  • Connects into and across other national initiatives to eliminate duplication, ensure economies of scale and maximise return on investment.
  • Helps families and communities to embrace opportunities presented by the chemical industries through the National Skills Academy, graduate apprentice programmes, and industry-focused skills delivery.
  • Engages with the 3rd sector to reach disadvantaged and excluded communities and young people, bringing prosperity to all citizens through the chemical sciences.

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  • Enables the creation of critical mass in key research areas, through research networks.
  • Provides shared access to information and resources.
  • Supports a broad and diverse intellectual capacity, ensuring long-term flexibility and responsiveness.
  • Enables cooperation, not competition; generating a collaborative and intellectually active culture capable of competing globally.
  • Connects research expertise with industry to drive translation and innovation.
  • Coordinates and enhances facilities and technical support infrastructure in Scotland.
  • Coordinates the planning and promotion of research activities.
  • Facilitates interaction of researchers with shared interests.
  • Coordinates access to major resources for the benefit of the Chemical Sciences in Scotland.
  • Delivers undergraduate, post-graduate and ECR CPD and employability skills training.
  • Secures and manages research exchange programmes

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  • Connects our research and industry partners with communities on local, regional and national scales.
  • Delivers community-focused engagement and inclusion activities, particularly designed to reach under-represented groups in the chemical sciences.
  • Nurtures relationships with communities to build trust and a sense of value in the chemical sciences.
  • Help families and young people to grasp new opportunities presented through the chemical sciences.
  • Deliver economic and social benefits for all citizens, as a result of having vibrant chemical sciences sectors in Scotland.

Our Funders

We are grateful to our members for their financial support.