Scotland to New York

As part of my PhD project at Strathclyde University, I undertook a PECRE-funded trip to visit and research in the City University of New York’s’ (CUNY) new Advanced Scientific Research Centre (ASRC) for two months. The ASRC is a brand new facility that will bring together scientific departments in the area surrounding New York. It has outstanding world-class facilities and strongly promotes the idea of collaboration. It is a strategic aim of Strathclyde University to establish strong connections with CUNY. My work was to focus on the designing and controlling of enzymatic systems for the production of tripeptides. During the visit, I was able to produce exciting data, which most significantly led to stabilising the formation of the peptides for a sustained period of time. These data subsequently formed the cornerstone of a submitted joint Strathclyde-CUNY paper that was accepted for publication in the high impact journal Advanced Materials.