Talk detail - Flexible OLEDs for Display and Sensor Applications

Flexible OLEDs for Display and Sensor Applications

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Flexible OLEDs for Display and Sensor Applications Dr Jeremy Burroughes FRS, FREng, FIET, FInstP One of the challenges for efficient and low voltage OLEDs is the need to use a low work function cathode material which leads to increased encapsulation requirements. For mainstream applications such as TVs and lighting, the additional cost is acceptable. For more price sensitive applications, such as displays for white goods and smart cards or sensor applications a method is required to mitigate this issue. This talk will explain how this can be achieved using an air -processable electron injection layer capped with just aluminium. This OLED technology can then be used to make a lower cost OLED display s suitable for a variety of applications, which will be discussed in this presentation. I will also finish off by giving some information on our other printed electronic activities.

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    Jeremy Burroughes
    Cambridge Display Technology Limited

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    Theatre C

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    November 27, 2018

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    From: 14h00 To: 15h00

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