Talk detail - ScotCHEM Colloquia: Prof David MacMillan FRS

ScotCHEM Colloquia: Prof David MacMillan FRS

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Prof David MacMillan FRS
New Photoredox Reactions


David W. C. MacMillan


Merck Center for Catalysis, Princeton University,

Princeton, NJ 08544


Abstract.  This lecture will discuss the advent and development of new concepts in chemical synthesis, specifically the application of visible light photoredox catalysis to the discovery or invention of new chemical transformations.  This lecture will explore a strategy the discovery of chemical reactions using photoredox catalysis.  Moreover, we will further describe how mechanistic understanding of these discovered processes has led to the design of new yet fundamental chemical transformations that we hope will be broadly adopted.  In particular, a new catalysis activation mode that allows for the development of C–H abstraction and decarboxylative coupling reactions that interface with organometallic catalysis.

  • Venue

    School Of Chemistry, Joseph Black Building, Kings Building, University Of Edinburgh, David Brewster Road, Edinburgh EH9 3FJ

  • Date

    May 30, 2018

  • Time

    From: 9h00 To: 17h00

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