Phase Change Materials for Heat Batteries

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Sunamp use Phase Change Materials (PCMs) to create high energy density heat batteries.

The patented, non-toxic Sunamp Heat Battery stores heat providing hot water on demand. The battery releases energy in much the same way as hand warmers. The battery enhances home heating systems, as well as many industrial applications. Running costs and greenhouse gas emissions are significantly reduced.

Sunamps heat batteries use phase change materials. Sunamp contacted Interface with the aim of extending the lifetime of their battery. Interface introduced Sunamp to Professor Pulham and his team at the University of Edinburgh. Together they developed additives, which extend the battery lifetime and capacity. The additive works by helping to reduce a process called incongruent melting. Batteries with the new additive are now in production.

Sunamp and The University of Edinburgh.


The benefits  of working with ScotCHEM included:

  • A Phase Change Material with no degradation.
  • A super relationship between Sunamp and Chemistry at the University of Edinburgh.
  • The addition of an excellent Materials Scientist to the Sunamp team.


The University of Edinburgh and Sunamp are grateful to Interface and the Energy technology Partnership for support and funding.

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