Download the ScotCHEM ACADEMIA – Guide to Membership Oct 2022


  • Lead and coordinate Scotland’s chemical sciences research network
  • Provide a high-level collective voice for the sector
  • Identify research focus areas related to challenges and form and support challenge-specific networks (and building on ScotCHEM initiatives such as SusMa2 and SNaPNet*)
  • Broker industry-academia linkages to enable collaboration through ScotCHEM INDUSTRIES
  • Apply for industry-university partnership funding
  • Advocate, and provide high-level lobbying and policy advice, and ensure more academics have opportunities to engage in policy
  • Identify, lobby for and support the development of national research infrastructure
  • Facilitate access to major research infrastructure
  • Attract world-leading research talent into Scotland
  • Provide undergraduate, graduate and ECR training, career development and links to industry (Employability Masterclasses, ECR CPD, student industry projects and placements)
  • Connect the higher education pipeline between our colleges and universities
  • Work with industry to articulate what skills will be required for new jobs and work with our schools, colleges and universities to ensure graduates are well-positioned to meet industry needs
  • Help families and communities to embrace opportunities presented by the chemical sciences through the National Skills Transition Centre, graduate apprentice programmes, and industry-focused skills delivery
  • Engage with the 3rd sector to reach disadvantaged and excluded communities and young people, bringing prosperity to all citizens through the chemical sciences and drive diversity, inclusion and participation in our sector, through a sustainable national programme
  • Build public and community trust in and value of the chemical sciences through community engagement activities at a national scale
  • Synchronisation and coordination of pan-disciplinary activities with other research pools and innovation centres

We harness the expertise and experience within our member institutions, aligning new ideas with grand challenges and working in collaboration with industry, providing innovative solutions to solve big problems.


ScotCHEM ACADEMIA Membership

Membership will be open to colleges and universities involved in teaching and/or research related to chemical sciences.

It will be a paid membership organisation (with tiered contributions depending on department scale).

There will be affiliate membership for government and 3rd sector organisations.

All members will have a seat on the ScotCHEM ACADEMIA Advisory Board, and will help shape the future direction and activities of ScotCHEM ACADEMIA.



As a nation, we are in a solid position to lead in many critically essential areas underpinned by the chemical sciences, from the decarbonisation agenda to drug development, by building a well-funded research base and supporting a robust research culture.

We can consolidate hundreds of years of educational excellence by ensuring our schools, colleges, and universities are training future workforces with the required skills to allow individuals, communities and industry to benefit from growth opportunities. And we can ensure that all our citizens have equal access to educational, training and employment opportunities.

In taking the initiative in this critical area, we will grow our international reputation as an excellent place to do research and provide higher education training and skills delivery.

Creating strategic partnerships with industry, government and communities will enhance research impact, attract new talent, drive innovation and investment, and foster pride in the sector.

Download the ScotCHEM ACADEMIA – Guide to Membership Oct 2022